(you can put images in this space as needed)

Adjust the font, colors, etc to suit the needs of your site - click on mainHorz.css
Add classes as needed.

Insert your logo and adjust the column width to match. Don't forget the alt tag.
There's an extra row under the Navigation Bar.
You don't need to use this box. You can just merge the cell and use the ul.nav margins to control the navaigation bar's location

Adjust the CSS: - the sizing and spacing of the menu bars, plus their colors as needed (add or subtract 'bars' as needed.)

Change the links in the menu bar from "#" to the intended name of your pages (ie: about.html, services.html......)

Add head tags for keywords and descriptions

Delete these instructions (keep the table)

SAVE-AS the file with a name of index.html

Do a File --> Save As to rename the file for the other pages (ie: about.html, services.html......)
You will now have multiple 'identical' pages for your site with proper formatting that all link to each other

Adjust this table on each page as needed for your site content
(Table columns will all share the same widths unless merged - create additional table as needed)

Consider changing the link to a page in the bar to a "#" when you are currently working on that page - this will stop the page from reloading if clicked

Check your assignment sheet to make sure you are including all required elements